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A New Nickelback Album? Here’s What We Thought

On 16th of June 2017, Nickelback dropped their new full-length album, “Feed the Machine”, (soooo edgy and hardcore) and we have to say, it’s not what you’d expect. Nickelback were probably one of the few bands every 2000s-kid had on their iPod/Walkman (depending on how much your parents loved you), simply because they made catchy, sell out, easy on the ear rock music *Spiderman Soundtrack is still G.O.A.T though*.


After a few run throughs of the album, it cuts through clearly, that the band GREW  UP! And it was about time. Apart from the increase in the level of complexity of the composition which is blatant, I’m going to call out the song writing. The Chad uses of more varied and relevant themes on the album, dropping themes such as love and emotional rollercoasters, for political undertones and governmental fallacies, as you will see in the very Final Fantasy meets 1930s Berlin, song video. The heavier guitar riffs and drums lines, showcase Chad’s signature vocal style in a new light; a meaner and angrier, not taking anyone’s (Avril’s) shit anymore, kind of light.

Starting off with heavier songs, the likes of “Feed the Machine” and “Coin for the Ferryman”, the album features more mellow/feel good tracks such as “Song on Fire” and “Silent Majority”, balancing out the album pretty neatly, giving the album much needed depth and dynamic. Although the band features a relatively new sound, one can still feel the Nostalgia breakthrough all the noise and gently tap you on the forehead (Itachi reference btw).  The 15-year-old me would have killed for a Nickelback album like this in 2007.


Overall, we feel the album is the much needed come back Nickelback could hope for. The haters would say it’s too late for Nickelback and the album will eventually tank, and to them we say, Boo hoo! The album may not be for everyone, and that maybe true especially since true Nickelback fans are used to a much lighter sound. However, we think the album is a brilliant mix of new-age sound and lingering 2005 nostalgia, and we hope to see more of Nickelback in the coming years.

If you’ve heard the album, we’d love to get your thoughts. Did you like it or was a waste of time? Let us know on Facebook, Instagram or in the comments below!

The Review Job:

Composition: 6/10

Production: 7/10

Song Video: 7/10

Song Writing: 7/10

Social Impact: 4/10

One thought on “A New Nickelback Album? Here’s What We Thought

  1. Ramona Lessley says:

    I love the album. It appears the song writing has more meaning. The other albums did too, But this is stronger. Playing with stronger sounds gives it a sense of importance. Plus its catchy. The vocals, put the heart into it and you can hear it loud and clear. I have really enjoyed this album.

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