crash bandicoot remaster n sane trilogy playstation 4 ps4 release date review

3 Reasons Why Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Is A Must Play

The first PlayStation was a thing of beauty. Minimalistic in its design, straight forward to use and most of all it was a portal to hours… and I mean hours of non-stop fun (unless you live in India where we have power cuts most of the time). The PS released in 1994 and came with about 10 launch titles including the original Rayman, which was pretty cool back then. It wasn’t until 1995 that they got serious, the original Tekken and Spyro The Dragon released. Two iconic games and I’m sure if you’ve played them you’d agree when I say addictive. It wasn’t until a year later that a true hero emerged, an orange marsupial by the name of Crash.

crash bandicoot naughty dog playstation n sane trilogy remaster

If you’ve never played a Crash Bandicoot title, I’m sorry to say this but you missed out. Big time! But do not worry because if you are one of the sorry souls who fall into this category, on June 30th, 2017 a full remaster of the series will be out. That’s 1, 2 and 3 all in one game. Here are a few reason why this is the perfect opportunity to experience this classic and if you have played the originals then why not relive them?

crash bandicoot 2 naughty dog playstation n sane trilogy remaster cortex strikes back

It’s Old School

These days it’s always about killing and gaining power and upgrading your in-game tech so that your owl can kill a bad guy (Far Cry Primal reference), but Crash Bandicoot is a little more laid back. Originally thought to be Sony’s version of Super Mario (Don’t ask them about it. They’re really touchy about the topic) and yes some may say that it’s not fun unless you’re silently taking down a zombie but it’s a very well-crafted game.

crash bandicoot 3 warped naughty dog playstation n sane trilogy remaster

It Has An Ok Story

A good story is essential for any platformer while the overall theme is sort of saving the world from an evil mastermind, something we’ve all seen before it was Crash that probably influenced many of today’s games. The good part is that the story links all 3 games. Not massively but just enough for you to need to play all of them (Naughty Dogs) =P .

crash bandicoot remaster n sane trilogy playstation 4 ps4 release date review

It’s Not As Easy As You Think

For a title to be appealing to this generation of gamer who has probably experienced it all it needs to be challenging. This game may not tick all the checkboxes in that category but don’t be fooled by how it looks. If you’ve played any of the games before especially number 3; Warped, you’ll know that you need quick reflexes and decent problem solving skills to complete all the levels.

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The Review Job

Gameplay: 7/10

Storyline: 6/10

Addictiveness: 8/10

Graphics: 8/10

Difficulty: 4/10

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