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FIFA 17: The Season Review

Expectations are always high when EA announce a new FIFA title, but after they delayed the launch of the FUT Web App by almost 24 hours there were upset and angry players across the globe (already). The one thing that we were all hoping for was an upgrade to their archaic servers but to nobody’s surprise they hadn’t changed. Forums were filling up with bug reports ranging from same colour kits for both teams as well as fake latency bars. Many gamers in the South East Asian region reported that they had to wait all night just to find a game with good latency. A major update patched these bugs and the game finally had some stability during Team of the Year which is always the most enjoyable time of the year for multiple reasons. The main one being that player prices drop significantly and there are some incredible cards on the market.

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The Frostbite engine was a welcome addition resulting in surreal graphics making the experience very enjoyable for both spectators as well as players, something that gives it something over the previous versions as well as PES 17. To add to this wave of new features, EA introduced a fantastic/Infuriating online game mode, FUT Champions which gives you a reason to spend sleepless nights in front of your screens and earn some mad coin (Or lose money on new controllers). #FIFARage

Fifa 17 review 18 coins

It doesn’t stop there! A new story mode called simply ‘The Journey’ was a welcome new addition to the franchise although it does get a little monotonous after a while.It was EA’s way to attract new players towards the game as it showed a glimpse of what a professional footballer has to go through in their debut season. The pre-existing career mode had a few features improved upon such as mid-week training in order to improve both the pro’s ratings in-game and enhancing the gamer’s skills (A very novel inclusion). Somethings that will never change or disappear are coin sellers who by creating an influx of coins spoil the commodity market in FUT by increasing the supply of coins leading to price hikes of player cards. #EconomicsGrad

To counter this, EA really had to put their minds to work and they thought Squad Builder Challenge series was the way to go to promote the use of untradeable players trying to balance out the entire economy of the game mode… It didn’t work.

fifa 17 review 18 glitch coins

Regarding the game-play there isn’t much to complain about (apart from stuff like that ^); in fact EA Sports did a fantastic job with their new intelligence system which is based on player psychology as well as an ultra-realistic approach towards ball control and body balance. They successfully managed to create a game which balances all styles of football which the previous versions could not. The only disappointing thing was dribbling, the ball felt quite sluggish ever so slightly.

As the football season approaches people are excited to see what their teams will look like next season. What features will they improve and what will they add? Too many questions, too little time. Let us know your experiences of the game and if we missed anything out!

The Review Job

Graphics: 9/10

AI: 7/10

Online Servers: 3/10

Variety of game modes: 10/10

Gameplay: 7/10

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