Game Of Thrones Review Episode 2 Season 7

Game Of Thrones Episode 2 Review

Episode two, Stormborn takes an interesting turn as our favourite Game of Thrones blood thirsty villain – I honestly still miss Ramsay and Geoffrey – makes a return in the form of Euron Greyjoy… but the real question here is, will Dany pay heed to Lady Olenna and ” Be a Dragon” as she takes what is hers with “Fire and Blood” rather than listen to the “sheep” whose plan has begun to crumble? The Red Lady Melisandre returns to the screen with some fresh perspective on the “Prince that was Promised”, or Azor Ahai as we know it, helping reveal that the term ‘Prince’ is actually gender neutral in High Valyrian ,therefore meaning a Princess could be the one that is promised. Our Dragon Queen seems like a good bet; especially since the books include the prophecy “our champion will be reborn to wake dragons from stone…”, all in all it’s good to have Missandei around with her impeccable grammar to help us unravel the mystery that is this show. It should also be noted that the books tell us that late Maester Aemon believed that Azor Ahai would be reborn a woman as he knew that the term was gender neutral, this is, however, omitted in the show.
Let’s quickly address the elephant in the room, Reek has once again returned, but will he absolve his cowardly sin by rescuing Yara and what’s left of the Sand Snakes? And also, Sam really needs to stop with the disgusting imagery but we do hope Ser Jorah lives, he is after all a brilliant warrior and also king of the friendzone!
While Cersei continues plotting – fancy fast crossbow? Really Qyburn? – Dany will have more to add to her plate as King of the North, Jon Snow, makes his way to Dragonstone, mainly for the dragonglass, still focused on the Great War, as he ever so kindly reminded everyone in the North. Arya on the other hand has her heart broken by Nymeria – finally a Direwolf success story and where IS Ghost? – Who as a leader of the pack turns her back on her former master. One does, however, wonder if this foreshadows another rift among the Starks as they are, once again, divided. Also, is Jon Snow back to knowing nothing? I mean no good comes out of bickering with AND choking Littlefinger, R.I.P Ned Stark.

Not too much happened this episode but is this the calm before the storm? We’re hoping for a better episode next Monday.

The Review Job:

Visuals: 5/10

Plot Progression: 7/10

Acting: 8/10

Social Impact: 5/10

Scripting: 7/10

Pus to Pie transition: 10/10

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