Rick and Morty Season 3 Episode 2

Rick and Morty Season 3 Episode 2 Review – ‘Rickmancing’ the Stone.

Wubbulabadubdub bitches!! It’s back!! And hopefully for good this time. After waiting for what seemed like a black pit of eternity, Rick and Morty Season 3 returns, with what could be summed up to be the most epic come back episode. Although the focus of the episode seemed largely out of canon, the episode still brought to the table a whole lot of classic Rick and Morty happiness.

Rick and Morty Season 3 Episode 2

The episode starts with an in your face showcase of Beth and Jerry’s failed/failing (nobody really cares at this point) marriage, picking up where episode one left us. By the looks of it, that is going to be more or less the central theme this time around, if that’s the case, I hope not. The narrative cemented Jerry being a loser and Beth not needing Jerry in both the first and the second season; which leaves us puzzled as to why reiterate the obvious. Anyway, this particular episode revolves primarily on Morty and Summer trying to deal with the divorce and Rick’s need to obtain some sort of power source, which is almost sacred to the natives of the planet, to in fact power a light bulb (classic Rick).

Rick and Morty Season 3 Episode 2

Having deep dived into adventures through time and space, Morty and Summer look towards Rick for distraction, to get away from their soap-operatic family drama. Trusting Rick never to disappoint, the trio finds themselves in what Summer so rightly puts as – Post-Apocalyptic Version Earth. That’s right folks, Mad Max.

You may be able to guess the underlining plot – Deathstalkers roam around, destroying everything as they see in the search of, yes you guessed it Guzzolin. Summer, or what at least looks like summer, pulls out a sawn of shotgun and essentially killing, let’s just call him Immortan Joe, for convenience sake; putting the one and only Bucket Head Hemorrhage in charge. Immediately Rick and Morty having to have seen too much of this shit knowing exactly how this will go down, plot to make an escape, quoting one of Rick’s classic existential excerpts – ‘You have infinite sisters, Morty’, but end up staying anyway because Rick wants his shiny green rock.

Not wanting to deal with the shit going in their actual reality, the three decide to accept this Mad Max-type timeline as their reality and go about living the Deathstalker way of life. Rick, on the other hand, gets Morty to be part of one of his schemes to steal the shiny green rock (classic Rick). Having pumped Morty’s arm with the DNA of what we eventually learn was the arm of a scorned warrior, Rick makes Morty the distraction by making him enter the ‘Thunderdome’, which is ridiculed by one of the Deathstalkers – you mean the ‘Bloodome’, which sets up one of the best burns on the show yet – “Save it for the Semanticsdome , EB White”, referring to the prolific American writer Elwyn Brooks White, who wrote ‘The Elements of Style, also famous for Stuart Little; the next 5 mins of the show are shots of Morty beating the living shit out of Deathstalkers, reminding of the Purge planet episode (favourite episode of all time BTW). The whole thing gets out of hand with Morty losing his shit, with some heavy displacement of anger hidden deep inside from the divorce.

Rick and Morty Season 3 Episode 2

Here’s where it really gets good

Although Rick firmly understands the multiverse and alternative existence of his infiniteselves, knowing full well that everyone, including himself, is, in fact, replaceable; he actually cares about young Morty and Summer. This although complex narrative that makes you constantly question Rick’s nihilism, has on various accounts shown us that Rick actually does give a shit. We can see that in this episode as well, where albeit Rick as his plan of robots replacing Morty and Summer, he still goes back to get them.

The episode climaxes with Morty exacting revenge on the DNA arm ghost’s enemy and Summer being in this post-apocalyptic when Harry met Sally met Mad Max, kind of relationship. Summer, now Bucket head hemorrhage’s squeeze, wants to bring Rick in to hand over isotop 22 (Shiny Green Rock). Rick surrendering the shiny rock and telling the savages that they can use this Isotop to power their societies and begin civilization. However, once the usual 21st-century millennial-existential dread comes into place, with all its 21st-century bullshit, Summer decides she sees no point in being somewhere like home that isn’t actually home. Which was Rick’s plan all along. WHAT A DICK!

The episode comes to close with both Summer and Morty making peace with the divorce – at least for this episode.

The Review Job:

Storyline: 8/10

“That’s fucked up” Factor: 9/10

Enjoyment Factor: 10/10

Thematic Representation: 8/10

Robot Morty’s Existential Dread: 10/10

Rick being a Dick: 9/10

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