Game Of Thrones Season 7 Episode 3 Review

Game Of Thrones ‘The Queen’s Justice’ – Review

A time for lions it is, as episode three shows us Lannisters living up to their fullest. The Mad Queen lives out her title as she strikes out against her enemies. Ellaria Sand is sentenced to watch her favorite daughter rot and wither in front of her as Cersei extracts her revenge and justice. We also bid adieu to the Tyrells as the last one, the Queen of Thorns, Olenna, is poisoned by Jamie as an act of kindness. But, not before she tells him that she regrets her affiliation with Cersei and he will do so too. Is this another hint at the strangling that awaits Cersei? She also claims responsibility for the murder of Joffrey which makes Tyrion an innocent man – but he did kill Tywin as retaliation to being falsely accused. Speaking of Tyrion, he really needs to make a good comeback with war strategy. However, we must commend his triumph with the Targaryens, albeit the plot being a bit obvious here, as Jon starts mining dragonglass at Dragonstone. Too bad the Red Lady left after uniting “Ice and Fire”; we will, however, give the matchmaking award to Tyrion because he accomplishes the task by forging an alliance.

Game Of Thrones Season 7 Episode 3 Ollena Tyrel

It’s good to see the pack surviving as Bran Stark returns home to Winterfell, to find Sansa managing just fine despite Little Finger whispering his eerie words of “wisdom” in her ear. The Three Eyed Raven seems to be fulfilling his all-knowing position as he surprises Sansa with his powers. One must wonder where his powers extend till? For example, will Bran be able to control a dragon – he is a warg, if you remember? Also, he was once told by the three-eyed crow that he would never walk but would fly. Imagine that.

Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 3 Jon Snow

Ser Jorah A.K.A King Friendzone A.K.A “Don’t you want me baby… Don’t you want me ooooohhh” survives – good to have him back – as Sam continues to shovel shit. No doubt Jorah will now make his way back to unrequited love. Dany and Jon’s bickering is endearing till he gently reminds her that she’ll soon reign over a graveyard – where is the Night King already? But, we had enough action in this episode.

The next episode seems to be promising as we await Daenerys’ wrath upon the Mad Queen, she has after all foiled all of the former’s battle plans. Euron Greyjoy and his “justice”, the present he promised, seems to work in his favour as he makes known to a very angry Jamie his desire to ask for Cersei’s hand in marriage-pun intended.  However, Euron really doesn’t hit the nail after good ol’ Joff and Ramsay, but Cersei is doing enough evil. A great episode, ‘Queen’s Justice’ definitely did itself justice.

Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 3 Ellaria Sand

The Review Job:

Visuals: 7/10

Plot Progression: 8/10

Acting: 8/10

Social Impact: 8/10

Scripting: 8/10

Matchmaking: 8/10

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