Vainglory – The DOTA For Your Phone

When it comes to Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games, DOTA 2 has been a benchmark for game creators. The pseudonymous creator of the game Icefrog has received many awards for his work with Valve in making a game which ranks among the highest in terms of number of daily active users.


To create such a game for mobile devices it was always going to be challenging, considering the diverse nature of heroes and inventory involved. Super Evil Megacorp have developed an outstanding interface for touch based MOBA, while many believe they have copied majorly from DOTA. I donโ€™t think thatโ€™s the case! There isnโ€™t much you can change in the MOBA sector and I also believe that with time we can expect a lot more innovation. Even DOTA was invented by various community members whilst playing Warcraft.


If we compare the gameplay of Vainglory with that of DOTA 2, I find DOTA 2 much more user interactive. A beginner may find Vainglory easier to play as it isnโ€™t as diverse in terms of hero and inventory selection but user guides in DOTA 2 make it super convenient for beginners to get a hold of the game.


The online community plays a major role in the market performance of any game. To be considered an eSport there must be a high number of active users and a globally widespread community. With the rise of mobile based streaming there is a subsequent rise in Vainglory users. We cannot deny that there is a lot of scope for improvement but I think the touch based MOBA game we all were eagerly waiting for is finally here.

The Review Job:

Gameplay: 8/10

Community: 8/10

User Experience: 6/10

Graphics: 8/10

Addictiveness: 6/10

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