Game Of Thrones Episode 4 Review – What Are The Spoils Of War?

And finally, the wolf pack unites. Game of Thrones gives us the Stark reunion we’ve been hoping for as Arya arrives at Winterfell.  It is good to see Winterfell at peace after 7 long seasons. The stark difference between what these characters used to be and are is very well reflected through their dialogues. However, the starks took a back seat this episode, except for Arya who beat Brienne at training as her face shown with pride and reminding us about the little girl who chased cats and was taught to tell Death “not today.”

Game Of Thrones S07E04 Watch Download Arya Winterfell Brianne

Lannisters are paying their debts, as the Iron Bank awaits every penny. Cersei’s confidence is apparent as she feels that she still has more to claim as her own. Her victories from the previous two episodes seem to be keeping her anxiety at pay, yet dramatic irony kills the character as we know what she dares to ignore.

Jon couldn’t care less about squabbles over the Iron Throne as he prepares for the Great War by mining “all the Dragonglass we’ll ever need”. Dany seems convinced as she looks upon ancient carvings by the Children of the Forest and the first men fighting the common enemy (The Night King and White Walkers), shown to her by Jon, however she does seem to be a little adamant to have him “bend the knee”. On a lighter note, Ser Davos accuses Jon of giving Dany cow eyes, which he accepts but insists he has no time for as the Great War looms upon him.


The Targaryen army lead by Daenerys Targaryen riding a dragon changes the show as we know it. Using her dragon, she defeats the Lannisters by, not only burning an entry into their human shield but also burning their resources into nothing but ash and dust. We must take a moment to applaud the vicious Drogon who destroys anything that tries to harm him or Dany with such finesse and style.  The Dothraki are not to be forgotten as they slaughter the Lannister and Tarly army with immense skill. Standing on horses, the Dothraki manage to further demolish the blockade already weakened by the Queen and her dragon.

Game Of Thrones S07E04 Watch Download Drogon Jamie Dany 2

Tyrion finally watches a victory but it is evident that his heart breaks a little as he sees his people, led by his brother, slaughtered by foreigners as a Dothraki comrade comments on the inability of his people to fight. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau plays a Jamie in utter anguish, as his army burns in front of him, every strategy fails as Dany and Drogon are no match for him. Their last hope Qyburn’s Scorpion itself is destroyed even though it hurts Drogon, leaving us wondering what Cersei’s next trick will be. Perhaps we will see the Dragonbinder (Magical horn that can influence a dragon)? Or perhaps, the arrow shot was poisoned and Drogon will succumbed to what is indeed, ‘Qyburn’s Scorpion’? We can only wait.

Jamie seems a broken man right from the beginning of the episode and his final act of blind courage seems almost suicidal, a new side to Jamie, something we’ve never seen before. Safely assuming that he will now be captured, we are now expecting a Lannister reunion which will be followed by a murder by strangling? Yes. That is what we are hoping to see. Even though Olenna Tyrell has left us, she is avenged by Dany who takes her advice and becomes a Dragon, rather than following sheep. Drogon certainly won our hearts and we can’t wait to see more dragons now that Dany has finally joined the war.

Game Of Thrones S07E04 Watch Download Drogon Jamie Dany 1

The Review Job:

Visuals: 10/10

Plot Progression: 9/10

Acting: 9/10

Social Impact: 10/10

Scripting: 9/10

Drogon’s Regard For Human Life: 0/10


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