Game Of Thrones s07e05 review eastwatch download season seven episode 6 leak

Game Of Thrones S07E05 Eastwatch – Review

Addressing the elephant in the room is a good way to start – He fell into the lake… how did he escape capture? Serious plot flaw there. We’re very intrigued by what could be Jamie’s wavering allegiance but more importantly, Cersei’s got some good news…or more lies. Her prophecy states death to three children followed by her own, so we are going to safely, very safely, assume her demise at the hands of the Valonqar (must be Jamie) is soon approaching. Unless… Our Mad Queen is lying and isn’t preggers, she does, however, state that she will fight and die rather than bend the knee and this reaffirms her stubborn attitude towards failure much like the blowing up of the Great Sept. We can almost see, in Jamie’s eyes, his realization of the reality of her cruelty which extends to watching Westeros burn in dragon fire rather than surrendering.

Game Of Thrones s07e05 review eastwatch download season seven episode 6 leak

Sansa and Arya are back into regular routine with the mistrust and squabbles, as Bran focuses on the bigger picture, meeting and breaking eye contact with the Night King, who, by the way, we really were beginning to miss. Jon Snow will, however, be sending and becoming a welcome party (Worst. Idea. Ever. All. Season.) to welcome the Night King and his army, and all for a few Lannisters? Really Snow? Know you nothing? Let’s just hope he will, INDEED, manage to return with a wight. But seriously? What is with Tyrion’s ideas? Certainly are adding to the tension of the show though.

Gendry and Ser Jorah’s return warms our hearts, especially Gendry the Heartthrob who definitely needs a reunion with Arya his Lady. It’s good to see the budding bromance between Jon and him though, and the way he wields that large hammer – very stylish, that Baratheon, his is fury (literally). Suicide squad looking good, the new trailer gives us some hope, what with the flaming sword and all – Thank you Lord of Light.

Game Of Thrones s07e05 review eastwatch download season seven episode 6 leak

We must stop a moment and remember House Tarly’s abrupt ending.  Hardly any screen time but at least the last Tarly is on his way back- because the maesters are clearly bickering over nothing as Westeros falls apart. We are aware, thanks to Gilly, that the Crown Prince Rhaegar did annul his marriage to Elia Martell of Dorne and marry Lyanna Stark– Jon Snow not a Snow then? Excellent, really. This information will of course become relevant soon enough, I mean Jon Targaryen may be oblivious and know nothing, but Drogon seems very chummy with him and THAT is not normal, that dragon has the worst temper; if you could kindly recollect. Does he see another Targaryen and recognize the blood of the dragon? If yes, will Jon ride a dragon? Rhaegal perhaps? It is fitting- but we can only hope.

Game Of Thrones s07e05 review eastwatch download season seven episode 6 leak

Speaking of which, the chemistry between Jon and Dany is just blooming as they make googly eyes at each other, very sweet and refreshing from all the impending death and doom that is underlying this season. All in all, a good episode that sets an undertone for the upcoming action filled episodes. But we can’t help feel that they’ve rushed through in order to begin the madness.

Visuals: 10/10

Plot Progression: 7/10 (Albeit too quick)

Acting: 8/10

Social Impact: 5/10

Scripting: 8/10

Drogon cuddling with Jon: 12/10

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