Game Of Thrones Episode 6 Beyond The Wall – Review

“Death is the enemy – the first enemy and the last. The enemy always wins and we still need to fight him”- Beric Dondarrion. The Battle of the Fist of the First men was good, however this one, outdid standard plot progression. Will the living ever beat the army of the dead? They’ve lost every battle so far.

We hate to say we told you so but… We did tell you. ICE DRAGONS. According to George R R Martin, Slayer of Dragons and many men, in book The World of Ice and Fire, Maester Margate describes them as “larger than the dragons of Valyria” and are said to have “eyes of pale blue crystal.” Seems familiar?  Seriously though, Viserion (may he rest in peace, cute little thing) is a wight that could become larger than Drogon. Drogon’s heartbreaking cry did not, however, outdo the look on Dany’s face and we must commend Emilia Clarke on a splendid performance this episode. CGI surpassed itself, dragon VFX could chill to the bone but that annoying hostage wight really needed another punch in the face.

Game Of Thrones Season 7 Episode 6 Watch Download Night King Dragon Kill Wight

True love blooms, as we get over Dany and Jon, because Tormund wants to make “great big monsters” with Brianne. We almost ate our knuckles as Tormund was being dragged underneath, but Sandor Clegane made up for his hesitation with the wight bear by rescuing Tormund, who can now go back to unrequited love. Chemistry between the Targaryens also grows but there is an underlying tension there that cuts through the silence.

A Stark dominated episode, Sansa and Arya settle into their relationship – no thanks to Little Finger and his age old games. Something does, however, smell fishy with Sansa sending Brienne away. We smell a showdown between Arya and Sansa, will Arya take over the North?  Meanwhile Uncle Benjen, who has played a crucial role in many stark related rescues beyond the wall, returns once again to save yet another nephew, but this time we seem to bid adieu to him for the long night. Eddard Stark was not physically present but references to him this episode were like never before as Arya, Jon, Beric and Ser Jorah spoke of him. Jon, our hero, living up to the words ‘brawn before brains’, survives yet again to live another day. “I am the shield that guards the realms of men”- typically Jon Snow

Game Of Thrones Season 7 Episode 6 Watch Download Night King Dragon Kill Wight

The red priest Thoros who resurrected Beric six times meets an untimely death after showcasing immense courage and drunkenness. The Lord of Light seems to dominate this war as his “soldiers” fight and drop for “those who can’t defend themselves.” Beric claims that their purpose is unknown and is not for them to know but the path is clear and fight they must and will.

Game Of Thrones Season 7 Episode 6 Watch Download Night King Dragon Kill Wight

We can expect more surprises, from the makers, to our unanswered questions. The biggest one being what defeats the Night King? As for the series finale, will we finally see the demise of Cersei at the hands of the Valonqar? We think so. The living, however, might need Qyburn’s scorpion (using arrows made of dragonglass) to defeat the new Ice Dragon. We do know that Drogon and Rheagal remain the larger hope.

George RR Martin wrote Ice Dragon many years before the book Game of Thrones, an illustrated children’s story that talks about a little child of winter who tames an Ice Dragon, we could hope that Jon Snow will tame and inherit the ice dragon while Tyrion gets Rhaegal. An ice dragon is also capable of laying dormant, in the illustrated book Ice Dragon, the ice dragon finally melts into a lake that is remains ice cold for eternity, this leaves us wondering if the “magic” in the wall at Castle Black could be a dormant dragon. We can only speculate. (But if it does, you heard it here first!)

Game Of Thrones Season 7 Episode 6 Watch Download Night King Dragon Kill Wight

Three dragons for three Targaryen. This is popular fan theory emerging from the books. Tyrion, through the books, has a violet eye (Targaryen trait) and a strong inclination and fascination for dragons that he harbors from childhood. Also, his father, Tywin, constantly tells him that he is no Lannister and this is also reflected in the show. The foundation of this theory lies in the fact that Tywin was the hand of the Mad King and it is believed that Tywin’s wife was either raped or had an affair with the Mad King, leading to the birth of Tyrion. If this holds true, then Tyrion can also be a dragon rider. If the living wins, one of these Targaryens will sit on the throne, depending on who survives and who demands it. Game of Thrones has, yet again, left us in knots as we await the , pondering over the numerous possibilities and outcomes of every action.

The Review Job:

Visuals: 10/10

Plot Progression: 9/10

Acting: 10/10

Social Impact: 9/10

Scripting: 10/10

The Night Kings Aim: 53/10


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