How Mozilla’s New File Sharing Tool Compares To The Rest

Does Mozilla Send Have A Chance?

Mozilla, a company that’s been in Google’s shadow most of their existence and show no real sign of getting out anytime soon. Their efforts on improving essential factors of their browser’s core have made the product much faster and leaner but their market share continues to decline (especially on the desktop). They recently launched three test-pilot experiments that include voice-search, built-in note taking and a prototype tool for file transfer through browser. The Review Job brings to you the evaluation of Mozilla’s file sharing test-pilot known as ‘Send’ and how it compares to the other file sharing tools on the interweb


‘Send’ is a web-based platform for sharing large files from one user to another. Unlike many other test-pilots Send doesn’t require any plug-ins and can be operated from any modern browser even Safari =P. It encrypts the file as it is uploaded and gives you a link you can share with your friends and co-workers. Even though the tool has a good encryption method and it’s open-source nature has caught us by surprise, it falls behind on a few fronts. The program only allows sending files up to 1GB in size, which in my opinion is the biggest flaw in my opinion. Hopefully this is only because it’s a test and they will increase the limit. It does seem strange though to have a limit in place because 1 gig is a joke.

Share-it, another great file sharing application has a couple of great features, like the ability to resume the file encryption upon failure, which Send doesn’t have but could be their next step in order to maintain a better success ratio of file conversion. Send also deletes the file after one download or in 24 hours whichever comes earlier, while some may consider this to be a good features for data protection, I feel there should have been an option to preserve it if the user wants (Maybe a premium feature like WeTransfer Plus).


We also tested the various services comparing the speeds, Privacy and UI of few of the leading file-transfer programs available to us. The results showed that Share-it leads the charts in terms of upload (transfer) speed, but WeTransfer and Google Drive have very high usage as they also provide cloud storage which being the icing on the cake makes them the best file-sharing applications available.

The Review Job:

So after a bit of testing across various platforms we decided to rank each of the applications as compared to one another based on various file-sharing aspects.


If you’ve tried Mozilla Send, let us know what you think!

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