Game Of Thrones – The Dragon and The Wolf – Review

A Dragon Raised By Wolves. 

If you guess a thing for long enough, it ceases to surprise you. Instead, it just might disappoint you. Nothing like dramatic irony, Jon Snow really does know nothing because “he’s never been a bastard; he’s the heir to the Iron Throne.”

Killed by his own knife, ice instead of fire, and passion amongst the dragons – sums up the intense season finale of Game of Thrones. With the longest episode ever, Game of Thrones has picked up pace like never before, the only war that matters, the Great War, has arrived at the doorstep and Cersei seems to be a big chicken.


Also, wildfire could have potentially destroyed wights but she’s blown it all up – she really is no help. Her unimpressed face when Daenerys flies into the meeting is commendable but that’s

Lena Headey being a brilliant actress and not the character Cersei being her vicious self. It is interesting to note that she refrains from killing both her brothers but there is an underlying scheme emerging with this character and her diabolical speeches.


Saying goodbye to Little Finger was bittersweet, but very fitting. Killed by his own knife, one that started the chaos that enveloped Westeros, at the hands of the remaining Starks was indeed a good way to see him go. His constant devious scheming will be missed but there are greater things to come and petty politics has no place in the war to come. “When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives”- we hope this foreshadows the last of the bad luck that broke the Starks. They have finally reunited and are stronger than ever before which must fare them well as Winterfell is the first stop for the Army of the Dead as they march to King’s Landing.


All reunions were well received, the Hounds proud and heartwarming smile, at the whereabouts of Arya, towards Brienne portrayed water under the bridge – good for them. Sam and Bran, however, take the cake for ‘Best Reunion’; the pinnacle of the episode – revelation of Jon’s name and the vision – sets foundation for the anticipation of the final season. The comic relief right before it, Bran and Sam make a great pair, added to the dramatic tension; this episode saw script writing at its finest.

Jamie Lannister is finally free – right in time for winter, as it falls on his sleeve, but one must wonder if his destiny is to die in the Great War. A tragic hero’s death is long overdue and it could be Jamie Lannister. Love is his hamartia, but will he become the ‘Valonqar’ in Cersei’s prophecy? And what of Dany’s prophecy by Mirri Maz Duur? Jon Snow seems to doubt the credibility of the prophecy but he’s hardly ever right. Brawn before brains is his standing motto. The redemption of Theon Greyjoy was exhilarating with forgiveness and courage. We can hope to see the return of Yara and Theon in time for the Great War. What grabbed our attention, however, was Jon’s comments on Theon being from two houses and how his upbringing mattering more. If Jon believes in nurture over nature, does that foreshadow him being unaffected by the knowledge of his parenthood? Will he step down as heir as he has pledged his fealty to Daenerys? We do know him to be honorable to the bone, furthermore, he does seem hopelessly in love with Dany. But what of Tyrion? His last scene left us a little concerned. Will Tyrion betray Dany and Jon? All his plans this season have steered towards Cersei’s goals, including the loss of Dorne, Highgarden and the Iron fleet. We are also unaware of what exactly transpired between him and Cersei before she came out the second time to declare her cooperation. Which leaves us wondering, will Tyrion fall as a hero? Or did he just make bad decisions all season? We can only speculate, but his lingering and calculating look did not go unnoticed.


There are just are too many questions to be asked and too long a time to wait for the answers. 16 months is the stipulated time given by HBO. However, we realize that the time is needed as the dragons will be key content in plot progression. The Ice Dragon has thickened the plot, its strength was showcased when it took down East watch in no time. We are, however, confident that the dragons will be able to take it down and hopefully, Qyburn’s scorpion can be upgraded with dragon glass? But all in all, the largest questions yet remain; who is the Night King? What does he want? What destroys him? We have too many questions, and now our wait begins.


The Review Job:

Plot Progression: 8/10

Acting: 7/10

Social Impact: 8/10

Scripting: 8/10

Cersei’s Face When The Wight Was Running At Her: 10/10

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